Upright Infinity

That awkward point in cosplay crafting when you have done a lot of work, but all of it puts you halfway through several steps on your to do list, so you don’t get to cross anything off yet. I like crossing things off!

The Hearthstone gods love me. Hot Hearthstone Guy did play his match first this morning, and I did sleep through it…but he won, and I woke up in time to see his entire second series. And he won that, too, which means that he goes on to the next stage. \o/

I might actually wake up early tomorrow to watch the next stage, since I won’t have to work. We’ll see.

This is the second time I’ve woken up early and discovered that Hot Hearthstone Guy is commentating a tournament in Europe. He’s also playing in this one, but I was sure I was going to miss him since his group is super-early tomorrow — I had no idea he was doing some commentating.

 If I have to lose sleep, this sure is a nice consolation prize. :D




One of the fun things about being a fan writer is that every time you read a (completely justified and reasonable!) criticism of fandom tropes and writing tropes, you become completely and utterly convinced that everything you’ve written is JUST CONTRIBUTING TO BAD THINGS IN THE WORLD.

Then crying.

I do tend to assume that even if they don’t know me, they are literally writing because something I wrote made them SO ANGRY about it.

Even if it’s targeting a trope in a ship/fandom you don’t write in, then you’re just sure that they’re just making a polite smoke screen.

Star-Lord Armor Cosplay Update

I spent today finishing the construction on the second boot. Lots of work, but it went super smoothly. I don’t know if it’s practice or just luck, but all the pieces came together almost perfectly. Only two small trims were necessary.

Photo #1: The first boot, for comparion.

Photo #2: The second boot. See how much nicer the base is?

Photo #3: A side view, which better shows all the pieces involved.

Photo #4: A side view with the two back pieces balanced / taped on.

Photo #5: The two boots side-by-side. The second boot is taller, due to a construction error on boot #1 which I was aware of at the time but didn’t see how to fix. Of course, I figured out later how to fix it, but by then it was too late. It’s not super obvious, though, and less so when I’m wearing them.

Photo #6: The two boots on my feet. (Taken in a mirror, which is why they’re reversed from Photo #5.) Here you can hardly see the eight difference. The fact that the toe piece of the second boot is narrower is more obvious, though. I’m debating whether or not to use polyfill and my dremel to adjust that. I can, I’m just debating whether or not it’s worth it. I might do the priming first and decide then, since the adjustment would be made after the first round of priming anyway. …I probably will, the more I look at it, the more it bugs me. Eh, we’ll see. It’s actually less pronounced than it looks here — I just remembered that the edges are covered in black marker, so it’s actually a bit wider than it looks.

Regardless, I’m really happy with the boots. I do still have to decide whether or not I want to add some adornment to the upper back part. It would make them look more the same in the back, and it’s in the reference. But I don’t want to make them too busy, and it’s the back so practically no one will see that bit anyway. I waffle.

I’m really tired after this crafting and running a couple errands today, but I still want to get the base of the shoulders together, because they need to be spray-foamed for height and that has to cure overnight, and I want to finish them by the end of tomorrow.





cosplay update (no photos)

This past weekend I did bits of progress in several areas of the Star-Lord cosplay. I could have constructed the second boot, and maybe that would have been better (generally you want to do two pieces that are supposed to match back to back) but I really wanted to knock out a couple of the small single pieces that I keep forgetting are on the to do list.

Progress over the past week:

  • Finished priming boot #1 (final sanding to come)
  • Finished priming the headpiece (final sanding to come)
  • Constructed the neck piece
  • Constructed the two upper arm pieces
  • Worbla-ed and shaped one side piece (this was super tricky)
  • Shaped 2/11 boot pieces

And for reference, all the work remaining from head to toe:

  • Sand headpiece
  • Finish priming and sand neck piece
  • Construct, prime, sand shoulders (2)
  • Finish priming and sand upper arm pieces (2)
  • Adjust shape of 2 bracer pieces
  • Prime and sand bracer pieces
  • Construct, prime, sand glove pieces (many bits x 2)
  • Construct remaining side pieces (total 5)
  • Prime and sand remaining chest & side pieces (total 18)
  • Construct, prime, sand leg pieces (total 18)
  • Finish sanding first boot
  • Construct remaining second boot pieces (total 9 plus assembly)
  • Prime and sand second boot
  • Paint and seal everything
  • Glue pieces to body suit and other attachments

That looks like a lot, but in reality the only complicated steps are the shoulders and the second boot, so I’m feeling really good. I actually thought there was a chance I’d be done by the end of October, but then I realized I was forgetting about the shoulders.







Agent Peggy Carter
Cosplayer: Captain Morgan Cosplay / yerthebadwolfmari
Photography: Sutafuzz

AH! My Peggy Carter cosplay! The uniform is handmade uwu and the pins are vintage WWII. I love this cosplay more than myself

Please reblog this! It would mean the world to me!





Very trim and proper, Captain!


Cosplay more like who the fuck designed this piece of shit and why am I making a replica of it???

Star-Lord Cosplay Update: Head and Foot Edition 

#1 and #2:
Reference reminders. The bottom panel of the second one shows the back of the boots.

#3 and #4:
The headpiece. I am super happy with how it turned out. I haven’t done any of the sanding, so there’s still a lot of work to do on it, but it went well enough in the shaping that you can’t see any of the rough bits in these pics.

#5 and #6:
Back and front, respectively, of the boots. Click on that last picture and really look at all those pieces, because I covered, sealed, and shaped them all separately, and then had to re-heat them just enough to stick them together without causing them to lose their shape. D: Hmmm. I should have done a side view, as well. There are jets embedded in the back of the boots in the comics, so I have a little arch going on that you can’t see here. Oh well, I’ll do that when I posts pics of them primed. 

There’s a fair pit of polyfill work to do here, but to be honest, it all went a lot smoother than I expected. I had to trim pretty much everything (some more than others, hence the foam showing through), but it did all fit together. I was really not sure. Boots are super tricky to do, and these boots had an awful lot of pieces. They actually have fewer pieces than the reference, but that was an intentional decision. Partly because OMG, my brain. But mostly because the rest of the armor is really clean and not even remotely busy. I felt like including every line on the boots would have made them look really out of balance with the rest.