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Hi everyone.  I’m going to be unfollowing the few people I currently follow for the forseeable future. I’m in a pretty fragile emotional state right now, and pretty much everything I see on tumblr is making it worse.

There will be a tiny handful of exceptions for blogs that stick very strictly to a theme, but I will be unfollowing even the folks I know in real life.

Just an FYI so that you know it isn’t personal!


How to make your very own I Don’t Suck file:

It can be general or specific—A lot of my clients make general files with notes from loved ones or former students/clients/bosses of theirs or other supports. Or magazine clippings that remind them of goals or qualities they have. I am currently making one that is therapy related as a way to transition from my most recent job and prepare for my move abroad. It has notes from clients, supervisees and evaluations.

What you need: It can be as low maintenance as a file folder stuffed with notes or as high maintenance as a well-crafted scrapbook. What’s important is that you have a place to go when you need a pick-me-up.

You can gather things to build it—don’t have what you’re looking for? Start gathering!

  • If you have a friend or family member you trust to be supportive of you, see if they’d be willing to write you a note about what they like about you.
  • Next time you’re looking at a magazine or reading a blog and see something that resonates with you—save it for your file. Truth resonates, and you can’t recognize something that you don’t have, so if there is something you read or see that you admire and relate to, there’s something of you that’s in it.
  • Write yourself some affirmations when you’re feeling good—make your own or use song lyrics or quotes.

-latest After Trauma post

I don’t know why I even try to be in fandom anymore. All I end up doing these days is ruining other people’s fun and then feeling like an awful person.

anyone got a fandom I could join?

Seriously, I am starving for fic and there’s just…nothing to read in C/C fandom. It’s all WIPs, or half thought out prompt fic, or two-lines-in-another-pairing fic, or unhappy/bittersweet broken relationship.

Teen Wolf fandom is a giant pile of wank I’m not interested in subjecting myself to. Supernatural is a giant pile of depression that I don’t have the emotional strength for. Every time I look at Pacific Rim I get a face full of body horror. I wish I could do GotG, but there’s no slash pairing in that one. (Rocket/Groot does not count. The smut is important to me, and they do not have the bodies for my smut of choice.) Sherlock fandom is not my cup of tea. (Okay, the rare pairings are, but I’m looking for more fic, not less.)

And I don’t even know how to find any up and coming fandoms.


Can you re-enact your reaction to hearing you had been cast on a marvel movie?

please tag your Guardians of the Galaxy gifs and posts

Hi everyone! Just a gentle reminder to please tag all Guardians of the Galaxy gif sets and posts with either “Guardians of the Galaxy” or “GotG”. I’ve already seen one that I would rather not have that was untagged.

Thank you!


Oh look it’s just Chris Pratt surprising a theater full of kids at a charity screening of Guardians of the Galaxy in New York
oh look Chris Pratt has melted my heart into a puddle yet again
(via NY Daily News)


Oh look it’s just Chris Pratt surprising a theater full of kids at a charity screening of Guardians of the Galaxy in New York

oh look Chris Pratt has melted my heart into a puddle yet again

(via NY Daily News)

Time for a Star Lord cosplay update!

Photo #1: On the left are the patterns for the thigh pieces (top three), upper arm piece (fourth), and boots. On the right is the foam for the sides and shoulders.

Photo #2: A little peek into how I get the most out of my Worbla. I lay out the foam on the sheet and jigsaw it around until I use the maximum possible area. Each foam pieces needs two pieces of Worbla for the sandwich.

Photo #3: All the foam for the whole costume. Most of it stacked several pieces deep. There are, for example, four layers to the boot stack, since there’s two halves to each of two boots.

Photos #4 & 5: Fitting the boot foam. These are the two sides of less-well-fitting boot.

Photo #6: All the foam, along with the Worbla for the front, base of the back, and bracers.

Photo #7 & 8: Forming and checking the fit of the bracer bits that go underneath. These will sort of peek out from under the largest bracer pieces.

Photo #9: All the bracer pieces, sealed in Worbla and shaped. The top pieces go over top of the middle pieces, and the bottom piece goes on the back of the hand.

I’d love to show the bracers all together as a unit, but because of how everything attached, I won’t actually have that to show until everything is primed, painted, and affixed to the bodysuit. Basically, until the costume is done!

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Peter takes Kitty on a date. Somehow, weirdness finds them anyway. Tiny, cute weirdness.

I wrote this last night for a friend having a bad day.